Hello, I’m Aaron Dewberry
Designer and Front-end Developer

Since 2000, I've worked in the tech industry maintaining and supporting hardware/software and developing front-end websites and applications. My recent experience in web development has been the most exciting part of my career path. I thrive on the continual challenge to learn and keep up with the rapid growth within the web development environment - from embracing new language libraries to fully understanding responsive web design.

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Work Experience

  • Cox Automotive
    May 2015 – Present | Sr UI Engineer/Scrum Team Tech Lead (Web Developer)
    • PoC for collaboration between clients, leadership, and my team regarding expectations and technical capabilities in an Agile environment as well as helping our team solve those technical challenges.
    • Helped newer developers get up to speed working on our platform and with setup of their local development environment.
    • Developed microservice apps utilizing CICD/SaaS.
    • Front-end web development using HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript (ES6, React JS, Jasmine/Karma, Gulp/Grunt, Node.js, ExtJS), Apache Velocity, and Java/Groovy.
    • Used TDD to ensure validity of code and reduce maintainable costs.
    • SME for data layer tracking involving Adobe DTM, Omniture, and in-house architecture.
    • Implemented global website templates for clients (e.g. Jaguar/Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche).
    • Refactored data layer tracking widget to be more readable, concise, and easier to maintain.
    • Created/maintained Chrome/FF extension allowing developers to access different working environments enabling much higher efficiency across teams and easing confusion amongst newer developers.
    • Helped maintain CMS built on ExtJS used by clients to update their websites.
  • Southwest Airlines
    2008 – 2015 | Web Designer and Content Developer
    2004 – 2008 | Central Support Desk Technician

    Content maintenance front-end web developer for Southwest.com, SWABiz.com, and AirTran.com (no longer active) external websites with 11+ million daily visits.


    • Front-end web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, XML/XSLT, ASP.net and VBScript.
    • Write standards-compliant code including testing/debugging across multiple browsers and platforms.
    • Work with designers to translate visual concepts into functional websites, microsites, HTML emails.
    • SME for front-end development on airtran.com, Open-X implementation, and CODA updates.
    • Created and maintained documentation/procedures for website updates.
    • Designed/edited graphics for landing pages, emails, and external ad banner placement.
    • Create responsive and cross browser compatible content within the Interwoven CMS platform. Languages included: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/JQuery, and XML/XSLT.
    • Translate design concepts into functional micro-sites and emails (e.g. Click ‘n Save Email Promotions, Rapid Rewards Email Promotions, Rapid Rewards Promotional and Enrollment Sites)
    • Create original digital media using Photoshop/Illustrator to supplement web content.
    • Maintain digital branding standards across multiple products (e.g. EarlyBird, FlyBy, Business Select, Rapid Rewards Product lines).
    • Create and maintain promotional content in Open-X, an ad management portal.
    • Content manager for content changes related to new International Travel compliance requirements.
    • Utilize Quickbase as a Project Management tool for all development projects. Responsible for running daily reports for daily task management.
    • Utilize content management systems (Custom In-House systems; Documentum; Interwoven) for content updates and scheduling related to various websites. Includes after-hours support of content migrations and emergency content changes.
    • Create and maintain technical documentation related to more complex content management tasks within the Amadeaus booking engine, Open X, and Interwoven CMS.
    2004 – 2008 | Central Support Desk Technician

    Responsible for day-to-day internal technical support related to software and hardware issues for Southwest Airline employees (30k+) and associated contractors. Included support for mixed environments (e.g. Windows, Novell), security/workstation/user management tools (e.g. Active Directory, Novell ConsoleOne/NWAdmin, Oblix) and proprietary airline application support (e.g. CATTS, Brutis, CS2, Sabre POS Entry).

    • Provided internal support for a broad range of hardware/software.
    • Reviewed and maintained technical support documentation.
  • Independent Contractor
    2003 – Present | Web Developer & Hardware/Software Technician

    Provide technical support, from systems to web development, for companies/indivuals.

    • Implement/maintain small business websites using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and Tortoise CVS.
    • Design various rich media products such as menus, posters, and flyers.
    • Assist in setting up internal computer workstations and networks. Provide internal client support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and MS Office.
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Front-end Skillset

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